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Quincy Giles

Height: 6'1   |   Eye Color: Hazel   |   Hair Color: Black

Quincy Giles was born on May 11, 1994 in Indianapolis, IN. After graduating college as a student-athlete and working in Corporate Finance, Quincy transitioned his career to acting and modeling. Quincy aspires to use his platform as an actor and leader to uplift and support people's belief in themselves to pursue their dreams.



Law & Order: SVU      |  Guest Star         |   NBC Entertainment

Blue Bloods                 |  Guest Star         |   CBS

Awkwafina Nora         |  Guest Star         |   Comedy Central

She-Hulk                       |  Co Star              |   Marvel/Disney

TD Michael Che           |  Co Star              |   HBO Max

Harlem                          |  Co Star              |   Amazon Prime Original

Everything's Trash     |  Co Star              |   Freeform/Hulu

Power                            |  Co Star              |   Starz

Bull                                 |  Co Star              |   CBS

Law & Order: SVU       |  Co Star              |   NBC Entertainment

The Enemy Within      |   Co Star             |   NBC Entertainment

Homicide City              |   Co Star             |   Investigation Discovery

Murder Decoded        |   Guest Star        |   Investigation Discovery


Jumbo Goes to Jozi    |  Lead                   |   Diamond Groove Pictures

ESOM                             |  Day Player         |   Roger Spottiswoode

Bachelor Party             |  Lead                    |   Neville Diony

Lit                                     |  Lead                   |   Hall Mills Network

Flowers                           |  Supporting         |   Harry Boadu

Maneuver                       |   Supporting        |   Demedrius Charles

I Have A Voice               |   Supporting       |   Chris A. Frink


New Media

Two Grown                     |  Recurring           |   BET Digital

#LoveMyRoomie           |  Recurring           |   YháWright Productions!

Bubbly Brown Sugar    |   Recurring          |   Soul Kisses Productions


MJJ Acting Academy  |    Scene Study/Improv   |   Marc John Jefferies

The Specialists LTD   |   Stunt Gun Training   |   The Specialists

Dustin Felder Acting Studio   |   On-Camera Scene Study   |   Louis Stancil

Special Skills

Football                                                             Basketball                                         Boxing

Baseball                                                          Weight Lifting                                     Accents

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